Who is John Larlee and VRAB

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Who is John Larlee and VRAB Empty Who is John Larlee and VRAB

Post  Supremedebater on Wed Jan 09, 2013 7:26 pm

Vrab is a quasi-judical board "at arms length from the Veterans Affairs Canada" Vrab have been accused of many different issues, one being that they do not apply the legislation at the Review and Appeal levels. Vrab's chair John Larlee ( he's in the first video) was recently accused of taking a expensive trip with his wife to somewhere in europe. He got the ministers approval although the trip was a "learning trip" to better the VRAB and its functioning? He billed the Canadian people and used VRAB's allotted money to go on the trip but later paid it back and incurred the costs with his own money. Why would a Chair bring bring his wife to a business seminar? Anyway Vice Chair James Macphee was accused by Harold leduc and in front of the Sanding Committee of Veterans Affairs for strong holding and trying to influence VRAB panel members by telling them "they can say no" on applications before the board. Mr. Macphee is still the Vice Chair and still a member on panels hearing and adjudicating for Vrab review and appeals. Now one might say wow is the Vrab corrupt and why is it they decide to approve or disapprove Veterans applications when the chair and vice chair should be held accountable for the actions they have been ridiculed for? I will let you decide.

Below are some videos regarding VRAB (Veterans Review and Appeal Board) Please watch the whole videos. One is a Veteran with no legs, but has some good points with regards to VAC.






You decide whether Veterans are being treated right

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Who is John Larlee and VRAB Empty Re: Who is John Larlee and VRAB

Post  Guest on Wed Jan 09, 2013 11:15 pm

I just finished watching the first video link depicting the VRAB referenced above. I am left feeling shock, disbelief and dismay. It is all too familiar even for my husbands' situation as well. I thought it was only our experiences and persceptions of the VRAB process. I am saddened to see that this is not the case. I will continue reviewing the attached video links to learn more about the adversities we as veterans are up against in seeking benefits from VRAB. Hats off to CBC for their report.


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