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Post  Supremedebater on Sun Jan 13, 2013 2:40 pm

I find this very funny. Certain members of the Vrab who have been pulled under the white light and accused of strong arming other members into telling them and influencing the decisions of the other members who sit and heare review and appeals. Here is a direct example as to how the Vrab deal with influencing even on there own website. Below is a link to a members job description. Amazing.


This is what it says:

Member Job Description

Primary Focus

Adjudicate review and appeal applications made to the Veterans Review and Appeal Board which may provide financial compensation to eligible claimants

Interpret and apply the Pension Act, the War Veterans Allowance Act and other related statutes.

Specific Accountabilities

Hearing and adjudicating cases to provide an independent review of disability pension and War Veterans Allowance decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada. This involves the following tasks:
•Conducting hearings in numerous locations across the country in-person and via videoconference.
•Deciding cases and ensuring the Veterans Review and Appeal Board Act, Pension Act, War Veterans Allowance Act, and other related statutes are properly interpreted.
•Writing clear reasons for decisions within specified time frames.


The hearing process is non-adversarial. Applicants are most often represented at hearings by a lawyer.

Reporting Relationship

Members are independent decision-makers.


Decisions rendered by Members have a direct impact on disability compensation program expenditures.

Recipients receive lifelong payments or lump sum payments (non-taxable), as well as possible treatment benefits.

Challenges, Issues, and Initiatives

The medical issues presented are increasingly complex and are not always understood by experts in the medical field.

Applicants appearing before the Board are usually represented by a lawyer.

Board Members may have to render decisions without an optimal amount of evidence.

Need to balance the demand of assisting Veterans, Canadian Forces and RCMP Members, and their families, while respecting the applicable legislation.

Amazing, right from the start, in my opinion tell members as well as the general public that if they approve applications for Veterans it impacts the governments budget "Decisions rendered by Members have a direct impact on disability compensation program expenditures". Why would they even say this? And to post this on there website for EVERYONE to see? Quite subtle.

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