Don't be confused by VAC and the GOC reference cutting red tape

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Don't be confused by VAC and the GOC reference cutting red tape Empty Don't be confused by VAC and the GOC reference cutting red tape

Post  Supremedebater on Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:36 pm

It is my opinion that Vac and the minister Mr. Blaney have no intention of making it any easier regarding VIP benefits. And this is why:

If you have little snow fall this year and had your grass cut very few times last summer then Vac is going to use this to there advantage and give you less funds for your 2 annual deposits. Now you may think no they will be gauging it by the last couple years or more. I was personally told by 2 vac sources that if you used $100 in lawn cutting and spent a total (for arguments sake) $400 for the year for the last couple years your going to get 2 payments of $200 each. Now you will probably say thats bologna. But watch and see, the last person told me "well all it will take if you need more funds is to call in" Is that cutting red tape if it rains alot next summer and you need your grass cut more often and run out of funds? And how long will it take for them to adjust the amount...finalize the additional funds and get it to the Veterans. Is this cutting red tape? No its just like the lump sum awards scenario verses monthly payments for the rest of there lives, they didn't fool me, how about you? The GOC and Blaney are in it for cutbacks. And they hope people will get sick of calling in to request more money. They want to make things difficult so all Veterans exhaust themselves fighting for services and benefits. It comes down to cutting out the Veteran...not red tape. Funny how they announce all these cutbacks then tell VIP Veterans they're cutting red tape and assisting further to make the process easier. Ya they will send you two yealry checks, but it will be for a 1/3 of the money and alot of Veterans will have long grass and lots of snow in there driveway with no one cleaning it up. But this is my opinion.

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